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Entries for September 2008

Age Pension

Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (7.05 pm)—At the outset, I thank the member for Tangney for bringing this motion. I think the member for Shortland was a little misguided as to the intent of this motion, because my understanding is that it is a motion to lift the amount that an age pensioner can e... ... (21-Sep)

Local Food Industry

Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (8.30 pm)—It is a great privilege to be able to raise some matters of concern not only to my constituency but to the whole country—and that is concerns for farmers and food producers and the importance of food security in our country. I think it is fair to say that... ... (21-Sep)

Human Trafficking

Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (7.50 pm)—I thank the member for Bonner for bringing this motion to the House and for raising the issue of human trafficking once again in this place, as it continues to be a matter of great shame to the international community. The inability of the international c... ... (21-Sep)

RIPOLL MOTION – Infrastructure

I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak on this motion and my thanks go particularly to the member for Oxley for bringing it to the chamber. In his motion he makes some very good points in that infrastructure planning provides a platform for regional economic growth and jobs. H... ... (14-Sep)

ADJOURNMENT- Aboriginal Suicide Rate

Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (12.32 p.m.)—Mr Deputy Speaker, may I join you in acknowledging the Rotary sponsored students who are here in Parliament House for the week. I hope they are enjoying this experience. Interjection The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr S Sidebottom)—Indeed. Thank you. Contin... ... (03-Sep)


Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (12.52 pm)—It is a privilege to have a second opportunity to say a few words. I would like to talk about diabetes. Well before this century reaches its halfway mark, the global affliction of diabetes will have seriously challenged the health and the budgets of all ... ... (03-Sep)


Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (8.02 p.m.)—I thank the member for Canning for bringing this motion. I have to say that I concur with many of the comments that I have heard while sitting in this chamber, particularly those of the member for Gilmore, who spoke very passionately and strongly about ... ... (31-Aug)


I am pleased to have the opportunity to pick up where I left off last week. We are in this chamber to debate the Trade Practices Legislation Amendment Bill 2008. It is really a change to the Birdsville amendment—a bill the coalition introduced less than a year ago. The Prime Minister... ... (31-Aug)


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