Hon Judi Moylan

Entries for February 2011

PRIVATE MEMBERS’ BUSINESS - Workforce Participation of People with a Disability

Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (11:02 AM) —I am pleased to have the opportunity to bring this motion to the House. I thank the member for Gilmore for her unwavering support and for seconding this motion. I also take the opportunity to thank all of my colleagues who are participating in this deba... ... (28-Feb)

CONDOLENCES - Australian Natural Disasters

Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (11:58 AM) —With the advent of the 2011 new year came floods, fires, cyclones and storms across the country. The ferocity of these events and the damage they wrought over several states shocked and distressed many. I think there was hardly a dry eye in this House w... ... (21-Feb)

ADJOURNMENT - Bowel Cancer

Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (10:20 PM) —Over the last year or so, one of the most talked about issues in my electorate, and one that I have the most correspondence about, is the matter of bowel cancer screening. Bowel cancer is Australia’s second most lethal cancer, after lung cancer. It kill... ... (21-Feb)

Private Members' Business - Asylum Seekers

Mrs MOYLAN (Pearce) (9:23 PM) —From 2001 to 2005 I, with others in this place—the member for McMillan was one—worked to encourage changes to the Migration Act and its administration. Concern heightened in the public domain about the treatment of asylum seekers and the administration o... ... (21-Feb)


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