Hon Judi Moylan

Moylan-Irons aircraft noise bill defeated by one vote

Labor has combined with Independent MPs Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Andrew Wilkie to vote down the Airservices (Aircraft Noise) Amendment Bill in Federal Parliament this morning by 68-67 votes.

The Private Member’s Bill, introduced by Judi Moylan and Steve Irons in 2011 following the Federal Government’s rejection of recommendations of the Senate Inquiry into Perth aircraft noise, would have reopened the planning process for Perth’s flight paths and enshrined consultation in legislation.

However, this morning Independent MPs, some of whom had previously indicated their support for the legislation, sided with the Government.

The bill had been publicly backed by the Coalition and the Greens, meaning had it passed the House of Representatives, it would have passed the Senate with a Coalition-Greens majority and become law. The Government had been delaying a vote for months, desperately seeking to influence the votes of the independents.

Member for Pearce Judi Moylan said that the Government had voted against consultation, ignoring the genuine concerns of the public.

"This bill would have enshrined consultation processes and created an Aircraft Noise Advisor to give impartial advice to residents.

"We’ve seen the effects of no consultation: hundreds of complaints and a damning Senate Inquiry. Yet the government thinks there is nothing wrong.

"People in my electorate can’t sleep because of aircraft noise. All we are asking is for Air Services to effectively consult with residents, but the government has rejected that for no reason.

"Action is needed, but the government is not listening.

"I thank the Member for Swan for his support and tireless efforts on this issue, who is also seeking a fair go for his electorate."

Federal Member for Swan Steve Irons said that the vote was a bitter disappointment for the residents of Swan and a final indication that the Labor Party and the Federal Government will not do anything to address the aircraft noise situation in Perth.

"For months now the Labor Party has been delaying holding a vote because it thought that it would lose. The Bill was introduced well over a year ago.

"It is clear that a deal has been done behind the scenes between Anthony Albanese and Rob Oakeshott to get back his vote. This speaks to the intention of the Labor Party and their thoughts about aircraft noise sufferers in Perth.

"This Bill would have reopened the planning process for Perth flight paths, finally addressing the injustice of the changes made in 2008 without consultation.

"However the Government and in particular Anthony Albanese, the Minister who signed off on the flight path changes in November 2008, has frustrated this process every step of the way, through the Senate Inquiry and its recommendations which Labor rejected, and to the Bill voted on today.

"I thank my colleague Judi Moylan for the tireless work she put into this Bill and the people of the electorate for their support.

"It has now become clear that this Government will not do anything to address the aircraft noise situation and that to get some action, we are going to need to change the Government." he said.


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