Hon Judi Moylan

90,700 Pearce residents to be impacted by legislation to means test Private Health Insurance

The 90,700 residents covered by private health insurance will be hard hit by the decision of Julia Gillard to break another promise and means test the rebate.

 The Hon Judi Moylan said every person in Pearce with private health insurance will pay more because of this legislation. 

 “Because of the means test, it is estimated 1.6 million Australians will drop private hospital cover over the next five years and another 4.3 million Australians will downgrade their level of coverage,” Mrs Moylan said

 “This will have a dramatic impact on the costs of everyone who remain in private health insurance.  The loss of younger members is estimated to increase all premiums by 10 per cent.

 “The means test provides that singles earning over $83,000 and families over $166,000 will pay up to $1,000 more.

 “The Government’s decision to means test private health insurance will also have a significant impact on the public hospital system.

 “It is estimated that 845,000 new procedures will be forced onto the public hospitals system putting further pressure on waiting lists.

 “Along with the carbon tax this represents another major cost on Australia’s forgotten Australians and the latest act of betrayal by the Prime Minister.”

 Mrs Moylan said local households are paying a heavy price for Labor’s waste and incompetence and its failure to manage the budget.


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