Hon Judi Moylan

Moylan brings Aircraft Noise Bill 2011 to Parliament


The Hon Judi Moylan MP yesterday brought the Air Services (Aircraft Noise) Amendment Bill 2011 to the parliament.

After initially introducing the Bill on 4 July 2011, Mrs Moylan delivered her second reading speech on the Bill, which is a response to the many people in the electorate of Pearce and beyond who were affected by a significant change in flights paths following the Western Australia Route Review Project.

"The bill is necessary because the agency responsible for the management of Australian airspace, Airservices Australia, now a corporate entity, has unprecedented power to change air flight paths with little regard to the environmental impact and effect of noise on the lives of many Australian people," Mrs Moylan said.

The Bill reflects recommendations from the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport, and gives effect to the calls in the national aviation white paper for greater consultation with communities in regard to the impact of aircraft noise.

"While I have been committed to pursuing this bill's passage through the parliament I have been open in consultation with many groups and have listened carefully to recommendations by people in my electorate who are well informed as well as to other organisations that this bill might affect," Mrs Moylan said.

"A common misconception that has arisen while this bill has been waiting to be introduced into this House is that it will present a major issue for airports if consultation is needed every time an airline adds a new service or changes the frequency of a service. Such a concern is unfounded.

"The bill targets flight paths set by Airservices Australia, not the day-to-day services provided by carriers or indeed their frequency.

"Rather than dismissing out of hand important legislation protecting the rights of community, the Government should work constructively to assist in the passage of this Bill through the Parliament."

Mrs Moylan said through consultation, some concerns have also arisen in regard to definitions contained within the bill as it currently stands. These are minor issues that should not affect the overall intent of the bill.

"With further discussion, I am sure we will be able to come to some accommodation if necessary in considering overall amendments.

"However, I do not believe we can return to a situation where Airservices Australia can simply self-assess. It has not worked in the past and it is unlikely to satisfy the test of public accountability in the future."


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