Hon Judi Moylan

Government finally responds to Senate Aircraft Noise inquiry

Hon Judi Moylan MP has welcomed the Government’s response to the Senate Inquiry into Aircraft Noise but has expressed disappointment at the Government’s failure to support all 10 recommendations.
The release of the Government’s response into the Effectiveness of Airservices Australia's management of aircraft noise inquiry comes less than a week after the new Aircraft Noise Ombudsman, Ron Brent, released his first major report into Air Services Australia’s complaint handling processes.
The report investigates Air Services Australia’s complaint handling processes and the report found that while noise could be reduced or stopped in only a few cases, there was a need to better explain why the noise was occurring.
Mrs Moylan said the complaints handling process had been a major concern of Pearce constituents ever since she started receiving complaints to her office in March 2009 and she welcomed the Ombudsman’s report.
“The Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport’s inquiry into the effectiveness of Air Services Australia’s management of aircraft noise showed the complaints process to be deeply flawed and I am pleased the Ombudsman, Mr Ron Brent, has made it a focus of his first major report,” Mrs Moylan said.
The Member for Pearce, who met with Mr Brent this week to discuss the report, said she was pleased with the efforts of the Ombudsman.
“However, I would like to see the Minister himself and his Department take a more active role in addressing the ongoing issues surrounding the affects of aircraft noise around Australia,” Mrs Moylan said.
“While the Government’s response alludes to the Aviation White Paper, this document does not sufficiently address the concerns of the Pearce electorate.
“That is why I am progressing with my own Private Members’ Bill, which seeks to enshrine many of the recommendations from the Senate Inquiry in legislation.”


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