Hon Judi Moylan

Moylan highlights global food shortages

Member for Pearce Judi Moylan spoke recently in Parliament on food shortages and the importance of alleviating poverty. Ms Moylan said poverty was a major concern globally and Australia supports the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to halve the number of people living on less than $US1 per day by 2015. “Alleviating poverty requires everyone to make a commitment if that target is to be achieved,” Ms Moylan said. “The human misery from food shortages in many countries is appalling and astounding given the many affluent countries. “Some people argue against Australia making a contribution, but ignoring poverty will increase the global security (threat) and health risks for people in all countries.” In a speech at a lunch held to welcome the Executive Director, Mr James Morris, of the World Food Program, to Australia, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Chris Gallus said Australia would contribute a further $12.8 million to the World Food Program to help alleviate the food crisis in Southern Africa, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Mrs Gallus told the audience, “that without food security, children and adults cannot reach their full potential. Young people are forced into begging, stealing and sex work – in worst cases, children do not reach adulthood.” Ms Moylan said helping combat the suffering was the only option. She said she would continue to work with other Members of Parliament to ensure action was taken.


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