Hon Judi Moylan

People in Pearce to miss out on National Broadband Network

More than 12,000 residents in 21 Pearce communities would miss out under the Rudd government’s national broadband network broadband plan as it has been announced, said the Hon Judi Moylan MP. Speaking on the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (National Broadband Network Measures—Network Information) Bill 2009, Mrs Moylan said Towns with 1,000 people or less will not receive high-speed fibre-to-the-premises broadband services. This includes Bakers Hill, Beverley, Bindoon, Boddington, Brookton, Chidlow, Cuballing, Gingin, Herne Hill, Hovea, Lancelin, Lower Chittering Valley, Muchea, Pingelly, Sawyers Valley, Sovereign Hill, Tuart Rise and Williams. “In this day and age, high-speed broadband services are amongst the most important services a government can provide to its people,” Mrs Moylan said. “But many are concerned that under the Rudd Government’s plan they will not gain any benefit from this large expenditure of taxpayers’ money. For example, it is very unlikely that a place like Gidgegannup, a community that is less than 50 kilometres from the CBD of Perth, will benefit from this measure. Despite a promise to begin rolling out the new fast broadband service by the end of 2008, a year later the Rudd Government is conducting an implementation study that may report in 2010 and an eight year lag before it is built. That means city users will not have access until 2018 or possibly later and who knows when rural and regional services will be upgraded? “Because there is no cost-benefit analysis, we have no idea who is likely to be able to afford to take up this service when it has actually been built and developed. It is fundamental, with any business proposition, that the first thing you do is a cost-benefit analysis, and I think that not doing so is a great dereliction of duty.”


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