Hon Judi Moylan

Moylan calls for Aircraft noise enquiry

The Hon Judi Moylan MP has called for an enquiry into the legislative arrangements governing Airports with particular reference to the establishment of an open and accountable public consultation process before changes are made to aircraft flight paths. Speaking on the Private Member’s Motion she brought before the House of Representatives, Mrs Moylan also called for a nationally consistent approach to the management of increased air traffic and changes to air flight paths with reference to noise abatement issues. “Air Services Australia appears to have unfettered power to make decisions to change air-traffic routes without considering the fundamental rights of citizens,” Mrs Moylan said. “It is incumbent on the government to re-examine the act governing Air Services Australia to ensure rigorous public accountability and to make provision for a more consistent approach to changes to air flight paths. In debating the motion, which was seconded by the member for Canning Don Randall MP, Mrs Moylan highlighted the very real examples in the Pearce electorate where people’s personal and professional lives have been severely impacted by changes to air flight paths and aircraft noise. “This is about people not being able to sleep,” Mrs Moylan said. “This is about people having to take time off work because they are sick because they have not slept. This is about people who bought five-star retreats in the hills area to find that they are faced with the prospect of having to sell. “However, none of the public comments I have heard speak louder than that of one of my constituents, who after recording 18 flights between 6.10am and 7.10am, feels selling her house is the only option available to her. “I call on the Government to give serious consideration to the items incorporated in this motion before this House today


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