Hon Judi Moylan

Political ‘Stuntsmanship’ Threatens Renewable Energy Future

The Hon Judi Moylan MP, Federal Member for Pearce has called on the Government to stop playing political games with the environment. “The Government had originally tied the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill which will increase the use of renewable energy in Australia to 20% by 2020 to the highly contentious ETS legislation, putting the renewable energy industry in limbo.” Jobs, investment and projects were all put at risk as the renewable energy sector anxiously waited for this legislation to be passed. At the eleventh hour the Government heeded opposition calls to decouple the Bills, and debate is now underway on the renewable energy targets with bipartisan support. The Solar Industry was thrown into disarray in June when the Rudd Government gave only 8 hours notice before scrapping the highly popular Solar Rebate Scheme. “Instead of encouraging consumers and the renewable energy sector to invest in alternative energy sources, the Government has created confusion and chaos; to the great disappointment of many” Mrs Moylan said. Under the renewable energy legislation, households will be entitled to approximately $4000 in Solar Credits which can then be traded in a system which is vastly more complex and less comprehensible than the $8000 rebate initiated by the Coalition. Mrs Moylan said “it is extremely disappointing that the Government is willing to play political games on such an important issue. The Government should be doing all they can to provide support and stability to the renewable energy sector for the sake of Australia’s long term environmental sustainability.” The opposition has continued to urge the Government to enter negotiations to improve the ETS legislation after it was voted down by all non-Government Senators early this week.


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