Hon Judi Moylan

Higher education dreams in tatters

The Rudd Government shut down debate on its controversial Youth Allowance Bill in Parliament this week, which will leave many students in Pearce without the chance of attending University. “The Government had a chance to come out and rethink their policy in the Parliament this week, but instead shut down the debate. The Opposition provided a way through the impasse with sensible amendments that would ensure fairness to students in rural, regional and remote areas.” Mrs Moylan said. Young people in rural and regional Australia often have no choice but to move to the city if they are to pursue further study and are not necessarily able to rely on the financial support from parents. “The Rudd Government seems to only care what happens to young people in cities ” Mrs Moylan said. “The Government is destroying the higher education dreams of tens of thousands of young Australians in rural and regional Australia.” Speaking in Parliament on a youth allowance adjournment debate in June, Mrs Moylan highlighted the importance of the gap year as students have already made decisions based on current guidelines and should be allowed to continue through with these decisions. “It is unjust and inequitable to change rules mid-stream,” Mrs Moylan said. “The Government should listen to the plight of students and their parents and heed the call to at the very least ‘grandfather’ those students who have prepared to enter University in 2010 by taking a gap year now.” “Young people in Pearce can email me at j.moylan.mp@aph.gov.au about their concerns or add their voice to the Coalition website www.educationforaustralia.com.au.”


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