Hon Judi Moylan

Are you protected from identity theft?

What are you doing to protect your identity? This may seem a strange question, but with a 2008 Galaxy Research Poll revealing 70 per cent of Australians have not taken any measures to protect themselves from identity crime, the Hon Judi Moylan MP has urged all in the Pearce electorate to be vigilant in handling their personal documents. Speaking in the House of Representatives, on the Law and Justice Legislation Amendment (Identity Crimes and Other Measures) Bill 2008, the Federal Member for Pearce said people could take several simple measures to protect their identity. “Such measures include shredding documents, regularly checking credit files and cutting up credit cards - simple measures, but essential if people are to do as much as they can to avoid their identities being stolen,” Mrs Moylan said. “We need to make sure that the public understand when they are disposing of such documents, including utility accounts, that they shred them or tear them up and do not leave them intact.” Mrs Moylan said those perpetrating identity fraud offences will continue to adapt and deceive the public. If we are to effectively tackle the problem, it will be essential to pursue a program of continued education and community awareness of the method and effect of identity fraud. “If government wants to reduce identity theft then government has to be absolutely certain, whether it is federal, state or local, that it is taking responsibility for properly disposing of records to make sure that we are not adding, through our administration of departments, to identity theft and fraud,” Mrs Moylan said. “While legislating to make specific offences is certainly a step in the right direction, we must work together with business, financial institutions, consumers and government departments to ensure that the insidious spread of identity fraud is halted and that criminal elements relying on the proceeds from their crime are brought to justice and stopped in their tracks,” Mrs Moylan said.


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