Hon Judi Moylan

Eating Fresh An Investment In A Healthy Future

The idea that junk food is cheaper than fresh produce maybe simplistic said the Hon Judi Moylan MP, Federal Member for Pearce. “There are lots of great reasons to eat fresh, locally grown produce,” she said. “The shelf price of fresh fruit and vegetables can vary and even if it is a little higher priced than some manufactured food, the added value of eating fresh produce is an investment in good health, which also makes good family budget sense.” As Chair of the Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group, Mrs Moylan said the growing diabetes and obesity pandemic, largely due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise, should be issues of major concern to government’s, communities and families. “Health complications from diabetes and obesity affects people’s quality of life and is a high and increasingly unsustainable cost to all budgets,” she said. Type 2 Diabetes now affects about seven per cent of the population, with complications ranging from loss of eyesight, limb amputation and much higher risks of heart disease and stroke. “This is a major concern to health professionals who are seeing the consequences of consuming too much manufactured food overloaded with added salt, sugar and saturated fat,” Mrs Moylan explained. “Maintaining a healthy diet makes sense and there are ways families may save on fresh food by eating seasonal produce and wherever possible buying direct from local orchards and markets.”


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