Hon Judi Moylan

Climate Change Action Needed

More public transport, which is gas powered, rainwater tanks and solar panels are the first step to fighting climate change said The Hon Judi Moylan, Federal Member for Pearce. Addressing the Avon Region Organisation of Councils (AROC) meeting in Northam, Mrs Moylan said the State Government had caved in to the Rudd Government on emissions trading creating inequity between the gas and coal industries. “I am disappointed the WA Government has not fought tooth-and-nail to save the gas industry and while ignoring our natural energy they allowed the federal government to hand benefits to the coal industry,” she said. “We should be encouraging the use of gas as a cleaner option and supporting our State’s biggest exporter” Answering questions about the Coalition’s Climate Change policy, Mrs Moylan said the Rudd Government has a very narrow focus. “Apart from no-one knowing the shape or cost of the emissions trading scheme announced by the Rudd Government, there is too much emphasis on carbon capture schemes and not enough commitment to supporting renewable energy development,” she said. Speaking on a local level, Mrs Moylan said Avon shires can help to decrease their region’s climate foot-print by lobbying the State Government to follow Queensland’s lead, making solar panels and rainwater tanks in all new buildings, where practical, mandatory. “Queensland passed legislation in regard to water capture systems on all new buildings and it has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the use of scheme water within the State with few complications,” Mrs Moylan said. “Other countries have successful incentive programmes to encourage the use of solar power, particularly hot water systems, yet we have seen the Rudd Labor Government slash funding for the scheme introduced by the Howard Government to subsidise solar hot water systems.”


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