Hon Judi Moylan

Women’s Issues Neglected

Australian women are being neglected and it is time the Government acted to abolish inequities in the workforce said the Hon Judi Moylan MP, Federal Member for Pearce. Speaking in Perth today, Mrs Moylan told some of the States most influential business women that it is shocking in 21st Century paid maternity leave is not available to all women. “Government should commission economic modelling for paid maternity leave as indications are that it would cost Government less than providing subsidies for infant child care places and the outcomes would be immeasurably better for women and their babies.” “It is time to dismantle 19th century economic rationalism and dispense with the rabid economic dialectic that dominates industrial relations today.” The absence of paid maternity leave is just part of the general Government disregard of women in the workforce, Mrs Moylan explained. “In many cases women are still paid less than men in the same jobs and on top of work responsibilities they remain the principle givers of care to children, the elderly, chronically ill and disabled in our community.” “The consequences of this are not limited to the standard of living here and now, when you combine unequal pay with, an absence of paid maternity leave and the additional burden of caring, it limits the total life-time earning of women and curtails saving for retirement.” “If measures are not taken to redress the triple jeopardy, women risk swelling the ranks of people who face poverty in old age.” “I am calling on the Government to consider a policy to boost women’s superannuation in recognition of the increasing pay-gap and the disproportionate amount of time women spend caring.”


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