Hon Judi Moylan

Trans-Fats Cost Lives

You may not realise but hidden in the pies, cakes, buns, biscuits we consume daily are trans-fats. Every bite adds to our risk of both cardiovascular disease and diabetes. With Australian’s ever-increasing waist lines it is time to take action. As the Chair of the Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group I am calling on the Government to ban trans-fats in manufactured and prepared food The Hon Judi Moylan MP said. “A move to decrease trans-fats in our diet would be one step towards lowering Australia’s diabetes rate, taking pressure off the health system at the same time as encouraging future generations to eat healthily,” she said. “Banning this type of fat in manufactured products would ensure we only consume moderate amount of natural trans-fats.” “A healthy diet containing lean meat and dairy products provides trace amounts of natural trans-fats, Australians do not need to eat food including the most dangerous manufactured trans-fats.” We only need to look across the South Pacific Ocean to Samoa, a country which has taken radical steps to combat its country’s high rate of obesity and type 2 diabetes. At an International Diabetes Congress in New Zealand, Dr. Talalelei Tuitama, Samoa’s, Associate Minister of Health explained how his country’s current cultural practices and eating habits have lead to chronic health problems. Samoa is now addressing obesity with legislation banning imported turkey tails from the United States and a proposed ban on mutton and lamb flaps. These fatty products have overtaken fish and other local produce in many Pacific Islanders’ diet and they are paying the price. The Hon Gatoloaifaana Amataga Alesena Gidalow Samoa’s Minister for Health said, of the 180,000 population, 42 people are on renal dialysis, a complication arising from diabetes with a 200 strong waiting list. At home we can take steps towards a healthier nation; we can work towards the eradication of trans-fats in manufactured products.


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