Hon Judi Moylan

Pingelly Police Need Quality Homes

Pingelly police recruitment has been hindered by the poor-state of Government housing. Many potential officers are turned-off working in the town because of the sub-standard living conditions. Locals said Police officers are happy to be posted to Pingelly until their familles look at the accommodation. A call to the State Government to review its’ police housing has come at the same time Pingelly is desperately trying to attract additional officers to boost the law enforcement presence. Currently all policing work is shouldered by Sargent Mick Williams, and while the community admire his hard work in instigating programs such as e-Cop, part of Neighbourhood Watch, they recognise the huge strain of being on call 24 hours a day and do not want to loose him to burn-out. In the coming months more police are expected to join the Pingelly force, however, locals want to sort out the problems with housing to ensure Pingelly can retain and continue to attract quality officers. While in Pingelly, Mrs Moylan met with concerned locals and pledged to work with Terry Waldron MLA State Member for Wagin to ensure the new police feel at home in Pingelly. “Law enforcement is a huge issue in rural towns, the police work incredibly hard and they need to be supported by Government,” she said.


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