Hon Judi Moylan

Labor’s Razor Gang axes local Small Business Field Officers

Local businesses will no longer have access to Small Business Field Officers to seek free advice or information after Labor confirmed today it will axe the programme in the upcoming Federal Budget, the Hon Judi Moylan MP said. “It is an absolute outrage that local Small Business Field Officers in Pearce will lose their jobs at the end of the financial year as part of the Rudd Government’s approach to rein in expenditure,” Mrs Moylan said. “Small Business Field Officers are a vital resource for all small businesses within Pearce, providing free advice, referrals, contacts within the industry and tips on how to expand or even export. “Labor’s decision to add our local Small Business Field Officers to its budget chopping block will have a real impact as the Officers harnesses real local knowledge and experience that can help many local operators. Mrs Moylan said that at a time when small business confidence has plummeted to a 15-year low under the leadership of Kevin Rudd, the Labor Government has made a terrible decision to sack Small Business Field Officers, and only adds to the nervousness of local businesses. “Small Business Field Officers were rolled out under the Coalition as part of the Building Entrepreneurship programme, and were strategically placed in areas they were familiar with and could therefore offer real assistance to local businesses,” Mrs Moylan said. “Where do businesses in Pearce go to for free information and advice on business matters now? Small Business Officers offered a one-stop shop to improve performance by offering businesses immediate access to a range of information.”


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