Hon Judi Moylan

Over $100 million granted to protect environment in Pearce and surrounds

Member for Pearce Hon Judi Moylan MP has welcomed a two-year package of more than $100 million in funding for communities in the Pearce Electorate and its surrounds, across the Avon, Northern Agricultural, Swan, South West and South Coastal regions, to continue work to protect the local environment and agricultural industries. Ms Moylan said the funding was provided by the Australian and State Government’s National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality and the Federal Government’s $3 billion Natural Heritage Trust and will be boosted by cash and in-kind contributions from the State. “I am delighted to announce that a variety of projects, which cover areas in the Pearce Electorate, will assist in combating Western Australia’s increasing salinity problem, declining water quality, improve the sustainability of our agricultural land, reduce the number of weeds and protect native animals and plants,” she said. “Continuing support will be provided to communities and landholders as part of the funding package. “The latest funding round will support ongoing projects, as well as new ventures. Rural businesses, for example, are going to benefit from work that will keep land healthy and productive.” “Western Australia is renowned for its rich biodiversity, and the Pearce Electorate is undertaking a series of projects to protect native species,” Ms Moylan added. “Pearce residents understand the importance of conserving our ecosystem and our natural flora and fauna for future generations,” explained Ms Moylan. The five regions to share in the $100 million are as follows – Avon Region- A total of $22.1 million for projects in the area Several projects have been announced, including – 1. Auction for Landscape Recovery – North East of Avon Basin 2. Avon River Waterway Management River project – Avon River & Swan/ Canning Estuary Northern Agricultural – total granted for projects in the area is $22.24 million Projects include 1. Developing a Commercial Brushwood Business – region-wide Swan – total funding for projects is $8.68 million Projects include, but are not limited to – 1. Protecting the critically endangered Western Swamp Tortoise – at Ellen Brook Nature Reserve South West – total funding of $39.1 million One project which will be of benefit to the Pearce electorate is 1. Dryland salinisation - This includes a mix of recovery, containment and similar activities across Agricultural land in the area. South Coast – total funding of $7.81 million None of the South Coast projects cross into the boundaries of the Pearce Electorate. “My congratulations go to the Avon Catchment Council, South West Catchments Council, Swan Catchment Council, the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council and other involved Natural Resource Management groups on their hard work to date and I would like to take this opportunity to wish them well for the work ahead.” The new funding package brings to $144 million the total regional investment in Western Australia since the joint government funding programs began.


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