Hon Judi Moylan


Federal Member for Pearce Hon Judi Moylan MP continues to strongly support growers in the wake of the findings of the Cole Inquiry. Speaking on the Wheat Marketing Amendment Bill 2006 in Parliament on 7 December, she urged wheat growers to “have their say” on the future of wheat marketing in Australia. Ms Moylan spoke on the Bill which gives temporary power of veto to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Hon Peter McGauran MP for six months. In her speech, Ms Moylan related the views expressed at a meeting she called at York, where she sought the views of growers on the activities of AWB, the Cole Inquiry and the future of wheat marketing in Australia. “At that meeting the majority of growers strongly expressed a view that the integrity of the single desk must be maintained...,” she said. “Farming is a risky business and the management of the export wheat pool from a single desk helps to minimise a number of risk factors on behalf of the grower. These include prices, exchange rates, wheat quality and seasonal and market volatility.” Since the meeting in York, Ms Moylan has continued visits to rural communities to hear farmers’ views on the matter. “Growers have expressed some nervousness about how the power of veto will be exercised in the hands of the Minister and whether it may compromise AWB’s ability to operate so as to maximise the returns to the majority of growers. I believe the Minister fully understands how important it is to the majority of growers to maintain the integrity of the single desk…,”Ms Moylan said in her speech. “During the next three months, growers and grower organisations have been given the opportunity to put forward their views on the future of wheat marketing as part of an Australia-wide consultation process and it is important that both individuals and organisations are heard,” she said.


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