Hon Judi Moylan

Moylan supports apple and pear growers to fight disease threats

Member for Pearce Judi Moylan is representing Australia’s pear and apple growers in their battle to maintain high quarantine standards in Australia. She said Apple and Pear Australia Limited representatives had expressed concerns about plans to “water down quarantine controls”. The group supports the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee inquiry into Biosecurity Australia’s plans to diminish quarantine controls. She said growers in the Pearce electorate, and across Australia, feared that if Biosecurity Australia’s recommendations on importing apples from New Zealand, for example, were introduced, the disease Fire Blight and other damaging pests and diseases would be brought into Australia. “They believe that Biosecurity Australia was planning to turn Australia’s strict quarantine laws into some of the least cautious in the world,” Ms Moylan said. Fire Blight is a terrible disease and has devastated apple and pear orchards worldwide. Fire Blight is endemic in New Zealand and about 40 other countries, according to the Apple and Pear Australia Limited. “I have been told that once it is introduced it can never be eradicated,” she said. “With the pear and apple industry being particularly susceptible, this is a matter of primary concern. The pink lady apple was bred in WA and along with pears is an important industry. Many people and businesses could be affected if this disease made its way across the borders,” she said. I will continue to work with Apple and Pear Industry to maintain Australia’s strict quarantine standards, in the interests of the many apple and pear growers across my electorate and nationwide.”


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