Hon Judi Moylan

Australian Government plans to minimise impact of climate change

The Australian Government has shown its commitment to minimising the impact of climate change, by releasing a report which plans for such circumstances. The document is entitled Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability – promoting an efficient adaption response in Australia and was released recently by the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator The Hon Ian Campbell. Member for Pearce Judi Moylan explained that the report revealed that some degree of climate change in Australia was inevitable. “What we need to do now, with the help of local communities and industry is to be prepared for change and deal with it effectively,” Ms Moylan said. “The key is to start early and put into place key factors such as reducing gas emissions in Australia (and across the globe) to help reduce the impact.” The Australian Government has announced a $14.2 million commitment through the National Climate Change Adaption Program to help State and Local Governments, industry and communities plan for change. Climate changes may include increased temperatures and minimised rainfall. Minister Campbell said that areas in the south of Western Australia had been identified through the report as being at risk and would benefit from the adaption planning initiatives. There are several Australian Government programs dedicated to saving our climate which target solar energy, wind power, renewable energy, energy efficiency, low emissions, greenhouse gas abatement, fuels conversion and more.


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