Hon Judi Moylan

Budget 2005 - Increase in Veterans’ Affairs funding Pearce

Pearce veterans will benefit from strengthened health care and support thanks to the Australian Government’s 2005-06 Federal Budget, which outlines assistance to support older veterans in paying their utilities bills. According to Member for Pearce Judi Moylan, Pearce veterans should also be advantaged by renewed funding for services to veterans and defence force members in regional areas. The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs De-Anne Kelly last night announced that that the Government had increased funding for the care of Australian veterans and defence force communities to more than $10.8 billion in 2005-06, an increase of $278 million on 2004-05. Ms Kelly said in the 2005-06 Veterans’Affairs Budget, $4.6 billion was included for health care, an increase of $203 million on 2004-05 and $6.1 billion for compensation and income support, an increase of $6 billion from last year’s Federal Budget. Ms Moylan said: “Over the past 10 years the Australian Government has shown that it is committed to helping veterans by contributing more than $86 billion in recognition of the special needs of veterans and war widows. “I am pleased that the Government has considered the need for this assistance and look forward to hearing about the direct benefits which will be experienced across the Pearce electorate.”


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