Hon Judi Moylan

Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group

In 2000, The Hon Judi Moylan MP established the Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group (PDSG) with bi-partisan support from executive members Dr Mal Washer MP, Senator Guy Barnett, The Hon Dick Adams MP and former member Mr Cameron Thompson.

Its establishment was a logical response to the fact that the greatest health-care challenge of the 21st Century, beyond the dire effects of poverty, is the management of CHRONIC ILLNESS. It is the new frontier.

Medical science has found ways of preventing a multitude of childhood diseases that in previous decades stole the lives of so many children.

In the catalogue of CHRONIC ILLNESS no condition is more needful than the world-wide scourge of diabetes. Its management and prevention is a responsibility of the whole of society.

The PDSG contends that Parliaments should play a leading role in promoting community education, effective policies and health-care for sufferers of this world-wide scourge.

Diabetes, left undiagnosed and untreated, dramatically affects quality of life and shortens life span. Its malevolent course may lead to heart disease, renal failure, limb amputation and blindness.

Furthermore, unless national governments act to deliver comprehensive policies, the implications for health budgets will be calamitous.

Prevention and effective policy-making are essential to confront the diabetes pandemic.

Inspired by the words of that great Australian Sara Henderson who said “If there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to march down there and turn the bloody thing on yourself”, the Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group has seized the initiative to ensure that diabetes remains a national and international health priority.

Now that I have retired, Mr Ken Wyatt MP

The Hon Judi Moylan MP
Chair Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group


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